We are a local group campaigning against plans to allow Heathrow to increase noise, pollution and traffic congestion in Hammersmith & Fulham.

We are at the forefront of No 3rd Runway Coalition (opens in new page), launched on 21st March 2017.  It is a coalition of 18 organisations opposing a 3rd runway at Heathrow. We were interviewed on London Live on the day of the launch.

The consultation on the third runway is finished but we are not. We ran a stall at the Council’s eco event on Monday 12th June in Lyric Square.

The General Election has resulted in more London MPs who oppose the Heathrow expansion. Also Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea and Fulham, has been appointed Minister for London and is strongly against a third runway (as is Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London). We’re pleased to say that h&fnothirdrunway has the full and active support of the Council and of our local MP

The next steps will include Parliamentary Committee scrutiny activities (including Environment and Transport) and eventually a vote in Parliament. The timing is difficult to predict but it could be as late as next spring. And we have a government which wants to avoid controversial legislation. Stay informed by getting an email alert every time the issue is discussed in Parliament.

Meanwhile the Department for Transport will be reviewing your and our responses to the consultation. This may take some time …

You can find out more about else we have done on our news and events pages.

Anyone wanting to join the Management Committee to help us develop our initiatives and make them happen should please contact us.

Or you may just want to help with one of the projects without joining the Committee. We welcome any help and are particularly interested in anyone with expertise in communication, social media, publicity and PR, again, please contact us.

Best wishes

Christina & Victoria
Co-Chairs h&fnothirdrunway


Please print off our poster and display it.

Write to the Prime Minister explaining why a third runway at Heathrow is undeliverable.  Information to help you here.