DfT roadshow

Thank you to all who attended the DfT “have your say” event at the Town Hall on Monday 6th March.

The MP for Hammersmith, Andy Slaughter, was one of many

Please respond to the consultation on Heathtrow expansion.

You can respond online, fill in an online form and email it or fill in a form and send it on paper. The main thing is to give your views and don’t feel you have to answer all the questions.  HACAN have provided a Briefing Paper (pdf) that you might find helpful.

Or you can email Sir Jeremy Sullivan.

He has been appointed to see that the consultation is properly carried out.

We think the town hall event was defective because while purporting to be a local consultation, there are no details about noise, pollution or congestion in our borough. It also presents the Government’s preference as a done deal thus giving the impression that it is a waste of time for people to give their views.