Who We Are

We are a campaigning organisation so we are not eligible for charitable status.

We are run by a small Committee.

We are a group of residents in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham who are concerned about noise, pollution and traffic caused by Heathrow.  We oppose any expansion.

If there were expansion, it’s likely there would be new flightpaths over both Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush. We wrote to Heathrow to ask them to mount demonstration flights over Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush in order for residents to experience the noise. Heathrow replied but didn’t answer the question.  They referred us to the Department of Transport … to whom we shall be writing with the same request. We will keep you posted.

Previously some of us served on the Hammersmith & Fulham Commission on Airport Expansion and submitted a detailed submission on the effect that Heathrow expansion would have on residents. We concluded that the overall affect would be adverse, particularly as regards noise, traffic congestion and air pollution. Read the local Air Commission’s letter of 31st August 2016 to the Prime Minister.

We encourage involvement of our members in both our campaigning and decision-making activities.  Please contact the Secretary for further information