Letter to PM 6 March 2018

The Rt Honourable Theresa May MP

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street



6 March 2018

Dear Prime Minister


I am writing to you on behalf of Hammersmith & Fulham No Third Runway, a local campaign group (handfnothirdrunway.org).

The current public consultation hosted and organised by Heathrow Airport gives rise to fresh concerns about process. The consultation is predicated on approval for expansion, that Heathrow does not yet have.

This misleads the general public into believing that Heathrow has permission for a 3rd runway. Also, although the current consultation is managed by Heathrow Airport and has no official status, we are concerned that participation in it may be used as indicating support for a 3rd runway. There is no way of participating in it that does not collude in our own harm.

The larger context here is Government’s mismanagement of the whole process of aviation strategy, airspace redesign and the question of a third runway. Sequencing of these elements has been back to front. This dereliction of duty has played directly into Heathrow’s hands, allowing them to present a binary choice to the public – less noise, fairer flight paths, longer respite periods and so on conditional on a third runway, or, alternatively, no third runway and no improvements.

The consultations on aviation strategy and airspace redesign should cover all these improvements without the condition of an additional runway at Heathrow. The muddle and confusion of the current consultations has allowed Heathrow to deftly frame these improvements as conditional to a third runway, thus seeking to divide those opposed and those wanting improvements to current unacceptable levels of noise, pollution and congestion.

We look forward to your response on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Victoria Timberlake and Christina Smyth

Co Chairs handfnothirdrunway.org